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Ladakh UT Govt. Advisory for Covid to be followed by Tourists

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Set amidst the serene environment of Skara, a quiet part of Leh Capital of Ladakh, Hotel Caravan Centre is built in the traditional architecture of Ladakh and presents a pleasing ambiance. Located midway between Leh Airport (03 kms) and the old City Centre (02 kms), the distance between the hotel & the old Leh Bazaar is a mere 10-minute-drive or a 25-minute walk amidst the sights & sounds of this quaint town. However, the nearest markets at walking distance of 10 minutes or so from the hotel are the bustling new markets of Skara on the one side and the Skalzang-ling market on the ... Read More

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About Ladakh

About Ladakh - Ladakh is a high altitude mountainous region lying between the Karakoram Range the Great Himalayas. For close to a millennium, it was an independent mountain kingdom of strategic ... more

Leh Fact File

Leh Fact File -Leh, the capital of Ladakh, is a veritable kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, and cradles a cultural legacy shaped at the crossroads of Asia on the Sub-continental ‘Silk Route’ ... more

Ladakh Trip Advisory

Ladakh Trip Advisory -Ladakh experiences considerable fluctuations in the day and night temperatures, even during the summer. While the days are pretty warm ... more

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Travel & Tour Services - Fully licensed on-site travel agency offers all-inclusive holiday packages covering Ladakh with extensions into Kashmir Valley and Manali ... more

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